Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello Snowbird Friends!

Hope you are all enjoying your Winter getaway with us on the beautiful coast here in Myrtle Beach! Have dinner plans set for your stay? Well Snowbirds, you might need to do some "re-arranging" to enjoy great food at discounted pricing!

For the second year in a row Myrtle Beach is participating in the statewide event known as "Restaurant Week" allowing locals and Snowbirds alike to enjoy 9 days worth of dining on good ol' South Carolina cuisine for a little less pocket change!

The dates for this year's "Restaurant Week" are January 14-22. To enjoy the discounts check the website below to see all participating restaurants. Come Restaurants require reservations and some you just get to go and enjoy-no advance notice needed! So whether it is spur of the moment or a special occasion Restaurant Week in the Grand Strand is sure to make any Snowbird happy- not to mention making your wallett a little happier, and heavier as well! http://www.restaurantweeksouthcarolina.com.com

Happy dining to all you Myrtle Beach Snowbirds!


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