Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Freezin' For a Reason"--Will YOU take the plunge?

Hello Myrtle Beach Snowbirds!

If you are out and about on February 5th you will have to take a trip to Springmaid Pier in Myrtle Beach to watch some VERY brave "plungers" taking a dip in the icy Atlantic Ocean! Who would participate in such a crazy event- well Myrtle Beach Snowbirds, they are expecting a turn out of around 700 people! These 700 brave individuals are "freezin' for a reason" as the money raised from this event will benefit the Special Olympics organization in South Carolina.

Myrtle Beach Snowbirds, are you up for taking the plunge? If you are brave enough to battle the chilly Atlantic you can register online- if you think the cold might be a little more than you can stand, at least go and watch the hundreds of people all freezin' for a GREAT reason and raising around $100,000!!!

This year's event starts at 11AM with the "early plunge". After that- the fun begins with a costume contest parade, food vendors, relay races and at 2PM the "big plunge"! So clear your calendars for February 5th Snowbirds and partake in an annual Myrtle Beach gathering for a great cause! Whether you are "plunging" or participating in the warmer activities, "Freezin for a Reason" is an event that will entertain all ages-hope to see you there- but don't count on me being in the water!
For more information check out the website, it even has tips to make the freezing plunge a little more tolerable!

Sarah Hodgson


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