Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Any Shaggin' Snow Bird Friends out there?

Hello Myrtle Beach Snowbirds!!!

Attention all Shaggin' Snowbird Friends: SOS (Socitey of Stranders) is hosting their annual Mid-Winter Fling January 13-17. So it's time to get out of your beautiful oceanfront Winter Rental and put on your Shaggin' shoes!!! For any Snowbird not familiar with the SOS Shag "craze"-let me fill you in...

Shaggers from across the nation gather in North Myrtle Beach for various competitions, events workshops, and anything Shag related! There are a variety of ages at all events-some even catering to the younger crowd such as Junior SOS competitions. All SOS events have a few key components; lots of music, tons of fun people, dancing in the streets (Main street in North Myrtle Beach particularly) workshops-they even have a "Shagging for Dummies" class! SOS events are truly one of a kind and anyone any age, dancing or just watching are sure to be entertained!

This years Mid-Winter Fling will be from January 13-17. The celebration kicks off January 12 at 8 PM with some good Southern food at Fat Harolds in North Myrtle Beach (truly a "landmark" for ALL Shaggers!) Several live bands will perform including The Craig Woolard Band, Sea Cruz and Castaways.

So Myrtle Beach Snowbirds, if you are tired of the cold weather and want to dance, (or learn to dance) make new friends and just have a good time head to North Myrtle Beach. Don't forget to bring your SOS membership card to gain entry into the best Shag clubs. Don't have one? Well go to
http://www.shagdance.com/ to get one- or just wait and pick one up when you arrive! Snowbirds this is an event you won't want to miss! Hope you all get top enjoy what has come to be the official state dance of South Carolina!

Enjoy Snowbirds!
Sarah Hodgson


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