Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Snowbird Questions and Answers

As many snowbirds are asking, I am reposting the Snowbird Questions and Answers!

Shoveling snow, maneuvering icy roads, paying high heating bills? Escape the dreads of winter and come live at the beach with Southern Coast Vacations. While your neighbors are bundled up in 3 layers of clothing, you can be strolling down the beach or sitting on your oceanfront balcony with a good book in hand.
For our repeat snowbirds, thank you for staying with us and feel free to call us anytime to book your stay again for next year. For the “rookie” snowbirds who are looking at wintering with us for your first time, ask yourself what are you looking for in a winter rental? Internet access, laundry facility, pets allowed? We offer all of this and more. Please read over the following commonly asked questions to assist you in your winter getaway. If you find that your question has not been addressed, please feel free to contact us.

Where are your properties at?
We have properties from as far north as Cherry Grove to as far south as Garden City. We have oceanfront condos, condos on golf courses, and townhomes and houses that are just a short walk to the beach.

Do I have to pay all of my rent up front?
If you are staying for one month, you will pay your rent, taxes, and fees upon booking. If you are staying for multiple months, you will pay your first months rent and fees upon booking. You will then pay your monthly rent prior to the first of each month.

What are the benefits of staying for multiple months?
Many of our homeowners offer a discount if you stay for multiple months. If you stay 90+ days you do not have to pay sales tax on your rent.

What additional fees are there?
We charge a one time departure cleaning/linen fee/reservation fee. The charge varies depending on the property.

What linens are included?
. Kitchen towels are included but not dish clothes.
Snowbirds may bring their own sheets and towels or Southern Coast Vacations can provide them for $25.00 a bed.

Do you have internet ?
Many of our properties are equipped with internet service. Please let vacation specialist know if you will be needing internet service so that they can reserve the appropriate property for you.

Will I have phone service?
Many homeowners do provide local phone service for their guests. Long distance phone calls are not permitted.

Do you allow pets?
We have several dog friendly properties that are just a short walk to the beach. None of our oceanfront properties allow pets.

Where will I get my mail?
As our properties are all individually owned, we recommend that you rent a mailbox from the post office while you are here.

Is cookware provided?
The homeowners provide basic cookware for your stay. Dinnerware and silverware are also provided. Some units include wine glasses and extra cooking utensils but if there is something special you require, please bring it with you.

Extras you may want to bring with you
• Extra blankets
• Iron-not all units provide them
• Beach towels
• Trash Bags
• Mixing Bowls/Serving Bowls
• Baking Dishes
• Colander
• Cleaning Supplies

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