Thursday, November 19, 2015

North Myrtle Beach Snowball Drop

It will be snowing in North Myrtle Beach soon! Snowing with savings as The North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce has their annual Snowball Drop for Shop Local Saturday on Main Street, Saturday, November 28th. The snowball drop will be on Main Street in front of Duffy Street Seafood @ 10:00 AM. Chamber members will be shoveling snowballs (golf balls) off the roof from local shops and restaurants. The snowballs will all be marked with the name of the business which the receiver will need to visit to get their gift or discount. Last year's savings/gifts were free dinners, buy one get one free dinners, coupons, and one business gave away a microwave! The chamber will also be throwing out frisbees which will have AMEX gift cards attached to them to help you with your Shop Local Christmas Shopping!


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