Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Grand Strand Under Construction!!!

Snowbird season isn't over yet, BUT Summer is slowly inching it's way around the bend! We know you Snowbirds enjoy "Snowbird" season here on the Grand Strand, but when you are ready to take the Grand kids for a Summer get-away, maybe you should consider coming back to the Grand Strand- we have some amazing attractions coming to our beautiful coast, here is just a tad of information on why YOU should come back for the Summer season!!!

The first attraction that caught our attention, the $12 million dollar project that has started as a lot of digging and prodding, is slowly turning into a 200 foot high one of a kind glass enclosed "Skywheel". The first of it's kind in the United States the Skywheel will provide riders with a breath taking view of the coast from your own private gondola! Scheduled to open Memorial Weekend! Just below the skywheel the first ever Landshark Beachfront Bar and Grill is the newest oceanfront "Jimmy Buffet" project offering dining similar to that of Margaritaville, only in a more "laid-back" Buffet style atmosphere!

Have you driven down Highway 17 while on your stay in Myrtle Beach and wondered what in the world that "thing" is that looks like an upside down building? Well, it's just that, Wonderworks- an upside down "amusement park for your mind". This attraction will includes over 100 hands on exhibits, games and mind puzzles! Everything from a bubble room, earthquake simulator, and lazer tag will be inside this interesting new structure! This attraction is set to open before you Snowbirds leave, in March! So be sure to check that one out!

So Snowbirds, plan your trip with us now at Southern Coast and save money booking early, you wont want to miss these attractions! You won't be alone when it comes to feeling like a tourist visiting all the new exciting attractions, locals will be in the same boat stunned with amazement with all that the Grand Strand will have to offer! Take a
Sneak Peak at this video for more details!

We hope to hear from you soon Snowbird friends!


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