Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Recommended Pet Vet for Snowbirds!

Well snowbird friends, I have now joined the ranks of being a pet owner! Five weeks ago, my fiancee and I adopted a dalmation/lab mix dog that we have named Bella. She of course has taken over our life and rules the house! When we adopted her we knew nothing about her medical history as she just showed up at a friends house one day, petrified and beaten up by another dog. After 2 weeks of trying to find her owner, our friends asked if we would be interested in giving her a home and after "meeting" her, Jeff called to say he had found "our dog". The day we brought her home I called
Kind Care Animal Hospital on Hwy 9 and told them our story. The entire staff was so nice. They found an opening the very next day so that we could have her checked out and allowed us to bring her in a side door because she was so afraid of people and other dogs. The vet and her assistant could not have been any more gentle with Bella or nicer to us! I would highly recommend Kind Care to any snowbird who needs animal care while in Myrtle Beach for their winter rental stay.

Kind Care Animal Hospital
3357 Highway 9 E
Little River, SC 29566
Phone: 843-399-5803


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