Saturday, November 1, 2008

South Carolina Hall of Fame

While attending a boat show at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, I took the time to walk thru the lobby and visit the South Carolina Hall of Fame Portrait Gallery. I never realized that President Andrew Jackson, Jazz Legend Dizzy Gillespie, and Most Valuable Player of the 1960 World Series Bobby Richardson had anything in common, but I quickly found out different. They are all inductees of the South Carolina Hall of Fame.
Dedicated in 1973 by Governor John C. West, the Hall of Fame honors the sons and daughters of South Carolina who have played a part in the shaping of our state’s progress and heritage. Each year 10 contemporary and 10 deceased people are nominated for the honor and the board of trustees votes 2 new inductees into the Hall of Fame, one contemporary and one deceased.
I enjoyed looking at the photos and reading each person’s contribution to history so much that I found myself going back thru a 2nd time just to make sure I had not missed anyone. I highly recommend taking an afternoon and getting a free lesson on South Carolina history. Yes, the admission is free and the gallery can be visited from 8:30-5:00 daily.
And on your way out of the convention center, be sure to stop and view a replica of Astronaut Charles M. Duke Jr’s footprints that he made on the moon. He was the first selection to be inducted into the South Carolina Hall of Fame and is also an inductee into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. He was quoted as saying
“When I looked at the moon as a child, standing in the heat of a Carolina summer night, there were times that I could almost reach out and touch it. I never thought that three decades later…I would be able to do just that!” What an amazing journey he and all of the inductees have had!
I hope you enjoy your “journey” thru South Carolina history as much as I did.

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