Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wine Tasting at it's Best

If you are a wine lover or just love being outdoors, add the LaBelle Amie winery on your list of things to do while in town. Located off Hwy 90, the LaBelle Amie winery is locally owned and home to monthly festivals, daily wine tastings and a very unique gift shop. Their gift shop offers wine related novelties, jewelry, and of course wine! For all of the at home chefs and grill masters, be sure and check out the gourmet spices, dressings, and sauces. My favorite is the Wasabi Ginger Dressing, wonderful for tuna steaks!
LaBelle Amie Winery welcomes you to walk thru the grounds of the former tobacco plantation, enjoy a picnic, or sit on a rocking chair on the covered porch area and escape with a glass of their private labeled wine. Guided tours of the vineyard are also available in advance and are a must for history buffs.
Inside their gift shop is a wine tasting bar where you can sample their wines. If your tastes sway towards the white wines, try my favorite, Phillippe-“High Maintenance”. They also offer a variety of muscadine wines which is a nice change from your usual whites and reds.
Their monthly festivals are a favorite spot for locals to enjoy live music, good company, and excellent wine! Bring your lawn chair or a blanket and plan to spend the afternoon. They also have several bonfires planned for the winter. Visit their website for a complete list of festivals and business hours.
Before leaving, take time to meet Bella, the winery mascot. A beautiful white border collie, Bella is one of the main attractions of the winery. She always seems to find us for a game of catch with her tennis ball and enjoys being the center of attention.

Enjoy and Cheers!



I have been searching high and low for a decent guide to wines and what foods they go well with.

I've tried looking on the major wine retailer sites such as oddbins which is where I tend to buy my champagnes and wines from, but no luck in terms of what they go well with.

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